6 Easy to Practice Productivity Boosters

Productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not.

Brian Tracy

Productivity is a key differentiator between achieving more in less time and doing less in crucial time.

Following are the 6 easy to practice productivity boosters that i have experienced myself, put in the practice and benefitted.

Keep the tasks list shorter

I love to make a list of my to-dos and even more love to keep the list shorter. And the best way to keep the list shorter is to complete the small tasks (and the real small tasks) fast. It eases out the pressure and helps concentrating on real challenging tasks later.

Use the paper and storage, not brain

It is famous saying that our brain is so powerful yet we use just 10% of it. But this 10% is actually too much for us. Brain has a lot more work to do throughout the day conscientiously and sub conscientiously. So not over burdening it with daily to-dos will help.

Use paper instead. It will save time and you won’t regret missing out a small but important update again.

Don’t multi-task

There are people who boast doing 2 to 3 or even more tasks simultaneously. It’s good that their mind is programmed to do so but not two people are same. So I love doing one work at a time. Try to practice this and you would realize your tasks are getting done in less than expected time.

Mute the distractors

Do you notice, how many times you tend to look at the mobile screen to get glimpse of notifications? And do you notice how many times the beep sound of mobile or desktop app notification has distracted you?

Most of time it looks so casual that we don’t even notice and lose precious time shifting our focus to the works we could have done later.

Ao muting the distractors before indulging in important task helps.

Be little uncomfortable

You have worked really hard throughout the day and at the end of office hour you are seeing that couple of small tasks are still pending or will take little more time in completion. What would you do?

If possible be little uncomfortable but complete the pending tasks on the same day and go home with complete peace of mind. Your bit uncomfortable evening would ensure a good night sleep.

Communicate like a kid

Do long emails and drafts bore you? Notice, how much time we actually waste reading long emails. And almost same time we spend writing replies and new emails.

It can’t be undone but can certainly be fine tuned.

While writing emails be short and focus in main highlights only. Use bullet points to write key message. It not only saves writing time but also helps reader go to the depth of message in shortest possible time with ease. Explain the project as if you are speaking to a 10 year kid. It means put forward your points in easy lingo and use short sentences.

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