Thee B-O-O-M Methodology of Great Teamwork

For any small or big organisation harmony among the team members counts as an absolute necessity.  And, it is equally essential for any individual who is seeking a job to have a good team-working skill.

Teams working in harmony and in sync generate more productivity and drive real valuable results. It is not a rocket science to achieve a great teamwork. It can be achieved following a simple B-O-O-M methodology.

So what is B-O-O-M?

B stands for “Bar on Egos”

When working as a team, one should put a full stop on his egos. But it doesn’t mean that one should not have a point of difference. All it means is – when working as a team one should not pursuit “My Way or Highway” attitude. When we work as a team, the conflicts of ideas do happen. Conflicting ideas & counter arguments are essential for the betterment of the projects and all the other work we do. But the focus should be on to resolve the gaps and sort out the conflicting ideas – even the critical one – with maturity.

First O stands for “Openness”

When we work as a team to achieve a common goal it is natural that a lot of ideas would flow in. We all have our own belief, our own set of values, our own opinion and it is absolutely not possible that the same will match with others. Therefore having openness to accept the rejection or drastic change in the solution put forth.  Because what we thing right is not always so.

It is difficult to express agreement to an opinion or a decision that does not gel with our own thinking. But as a team member it is desirable to be flexible enough to support decisions contrary to our own desires. We may not agree but we must be willing to accept the decision made and help make it a success.

Second O stands for “Oral Communication”

We all fail without communication. A great teamwork depends upon good communication and Oral Communication plays a vital role here. It is found that something expressed orally in-person or over phone garner better result than communicating via other medium like email or chat.

With oral communication you can explain your ideas better, ask questions quickly and can sense how the others are feeling about what is being communicated. Apart from this having a good listening skill is another strength one must try to master. A good listener becomes a good communicator.

M stands for “Mutual Respect”

When working as a team, having respect for each other is another absolute necessity. We should have a good understanding of each other and respect the values each member puts forward. We must respect views of others, their competence, their actions and their feedback.

We should try to have an honest and respectful conversation. And we should not stew, get angry, dispute unnecessary and bring on personal issues when working as a team. We should also give credit where it is due. Sharing credits shows respect and builds character.

Success of an organisation depend upon the team – success as a team depends upon the good teamwork – and a successful teamwork depends upon B-O-O-M.

Pankaj is CEO and Chief Visualiser of Chhavi. He loves film making & traveling and wasting time on Twitter 🙂 .

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