a concept that’s firmly ingrained in our Indian culture. Though most of us make healthy food choices throughout the day, chai-time sees us slip-up on the health meter as we indulge in a variety of oily and unhealthy snacks. Not anymore…

‘Samozas’ makes it easy to stay true to your fitness goals as you eat healthy during snack time too.

Brand identity

We designed a witty character in the shape of a samosa. A witty and health-conscious guy who loves to indulge in snacks with his office-peers but is sensible enough to make a healthy choice.

Visual Language

Visual language of the brand was designed around the ingredients of the Samozas. Unlike the usual samosa which is packed with unwanted calories, excessive oil and fat, the healthy Samosa by ‘Samozas’ combines the goodness of potatoes, peas, onion, cauliflower and dry fruits – a perfect amalgamation of a quick bite that is nutritious and healthy.


Brand Communication

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