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Eye Exercise gives Longevity to your Eyesight.

Long hours working on the computer leads to dryness of eyes or some time severe headache. Then I came across some of the simple eye exercises online from one of the yoga sites. Now I am practicing regularly and benefited from it.

A few months back I have changed my profile as Digital Marketing and Client Servicing Executive. This makes me sit for long hours in front of the computer and smartphone use increases.'
Digital Marketing & Client Service Executive in Chhavi….

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Latest forms tags/elements HTML5

Forms on the web. Here is a sneak peak of important module of website and landing pages.

HTML5 offers new elements for better layout structure, which we can easily integrate in our code. And, of course… It helps in increasing productivity.

Why ¬†web developer have to invent & include tons of JavaScript code to the page for making something very basic like a “Datepicker”?

Here i share some of forms input types. Which saves your time to develop a new code for each single form.

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Best css animated tooltip for multiple usage

Tooltip is best option to guide user for a simple way.

Here I am sharing some elegant tooltip effects.

A small collection of various hover tooltip styles and effects. Using CSS transforms, border-radius and SVG shapes we can create modern looking and interesting tooltips. Pick any best style for your webpage, testimonial modules & for map also.

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